Posted by: 11Gunz | February 5, 2010

Same Old Wenger & Fabregas Flirts With Barca…

My apologies all, I have been swamped lately trying to find a new residence hence the slow rate at which I’m churning these posts. The has been slow this whole week, the young gunners have dominated the front page lately. but it is Friday and Le Boss had the usual meet and greet with the press before the chel$cum showdown.

Notes from the Presser:
Apparently we were close to signing a new player to bolster the squad and as per the usual script, Wenger isn’t saying who the player is or what club he approached. C’mon Wenger, why wait till the very last day of the window to even begin negotiations with the said player? Doesn’t that make it harder to even secure his signature? You were the same man who told us arsenal supporters that you had money to spend – with some papers even going as far as giving the actual figure of ¬£30mand you were actively looking, so what happened? Is this just another of your appease the fans statements so you don’t get hounded like you did last year at the shareholders meeting? I still believe we will win the league this year, but it would have been nice to get a player or two to add depth to the squad.

He also goes on to say we have many reasons to be optimistic, and i have to agree with him. Match 3 of our 4 match murderous schedule is this sunday and irregardless or the result, it won’t define our season like many have speculated. Don’t get me wrong, a win is what all arsenal fans want and that should cut the deficit to 3 points, but i don’t think a loss end our title hopes. A loss against liverpool assuming we lose against chelsea will definitely end any chance we have of sniffing premiership medals this season. After liverpool, we don’t play any strong teams for a while with the exception of citeh and spuds while united have to still entertain, pool, spuds, chelscum, villa (a) and citeh (a), and i reckon they will drop points. A point at chelsea is good but a win would be massive.

It’s no surprise that the spanish newspapers are circling like vultures again, printing Cesc stories with reckless abandon. This latest cesc to barca story though is interesting because it comes from an interview cesc gave to a spanish radio. You can read excerpts from the interview here. Arsenal fans know cesc will leave one day but you’ve gotta wonder if he’s saying to Barca I’m ready come and get me. As always watch this space.

Match Preview to come tomorrow.


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