Posted by: 11Gunz | February 8, 2010

The Mental Ineptitude Continues…

The mental ineptitude against the big clubs continued on Sunday, as Arsenal were brushed aside by Chelsea despite actually playing well and keeping Chelsea on the backfoot.

The first goal saw Clichy totally ignore his defensive duties allowing drogba to tap in at the far post, off a john terry header. Why in the world Clichy decided to leave the far post, point at terry and decide to move towards him, we would never know. He’s having a poor run of form lately and his positioning has been atrocious. Defensively we showed the same mistakes that allowed man utd to exploit so well.

The second goal saw Clichy again fail to close down drogba, he seemed to be caught in two minds, do i close Drogba down or pass him off to someone else. Drogba cut back in and blasted a shot past Almunia – thank you very much. Oh how he must love playing against Arsenal knowing he must not have to work very hard. Arsene said after last November’s game that Drogba doesn’t really do much but he’s efficient in what he does. I am sure Arsene would love to have that kind of production right now.

Finally what bothers me isn’t that we lost to Chelsea or united or the scoreline, but the attitude of the players when playing the top “four”.

There seems to be a lack of belief among the players. It’s a bad attitude to have, because it can infect the team and lead to a string of horrible results. United and Chelsea are no more talented than we are yet we always come up short every time we face them. Well for the past 4 seasons at least, we have been second best. Wenger needs to address this problem before it becomes our undoing in the near future. The league is still there to be won and we have a great chance to narrow the gap starting Wednesday.

Pool preview to come tomorrow, til then keep the faith gunner fans!


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