Posted by: 11Gunz | February 18, 2010


It’s always easier to provide analysis a day after the fact, you are more inclined to stay away from arm-chair criticisms and knee jerk reactions. The ability to be objective is increased ten fold, I’ve come to realize.

Now while it’s easy to pile on Fabianski, let’s not forget the role Campbell played in that incident, blame the referee all you want but a guy with that much experience should have known better than to stand and argue with the referee. In Fairness to Sol, he did score a vital away goal in a bittersweet return to the champions league stage.

Fabianski’s performance was poor all night, standing in for Manuel Almunia who was out with a finger injury, you got the sense that he wasn’t completely comfortable in goal. How else do you explain how a keeper fumbles a routine cross into his own net. It’s comical and laughable, now while he is a decent shot stopper, at 24 he should not be making these mistakes. Mistakes reserved for sunday league football, and a goalkeeper of a top club challenging for top European honors should not be so error prone.

Perhaps he felt the pressure of a big game, or the words of his manager who compared him to David Seaman. Arsene said before the match..

So overall, for me, he is a very talented goalkeeper. Don’t forget that one of the greatest keepers ever seen in England was David Seaman. If you watched him at 22 or 23 then he would make some mistakes. It is part of the learning process. I believe Lukasz is a very intelligent goalkeeper so he will have learned from those mistakes.

For a guy wanting to be arsenal number 1 he certainly didn’t make a case for himself, when a performance like this leaves people clamoring for Almunia you know you are in serious trouble. Leaves me wondering if his future with arsenal is over. It’s a delicate situation with Wenger, should he drop Fabianski for Saturdays game against Sunderland, it would do irreparable damage to the young mans confidence, but he’s too error prone to play him also. I suspect Almunia will make a miraculous recovery to start on Saturday.

Now while Wenger refrained from criticizing Fabianksi, his captain wasn’t so subtle referring to the mistakes as schoolboy stuff.

It was a schoolboy’s goal, but what can you do? There’s nothing, nothing to complain (about).
After the second goal we went down. Maybe we are still a little bit soft in that aspect as a team when we concede a goal maybe sometimes we are not strong enough to lift ourselves up.
That’s what happened really, we were not strong enough to stand up and play well but until the second goal I think we were having a very good game.

All credit to Cesc for not retaliating when the Porto players tried to get under his skin, knowing well that a second yellow will render our captain ineligible for the return leg at the Emirates. There is still hope as this tie is far from over, a 1-0 win at the Emirates should see us progress, but it won’t be an easy game. I expect Porto to play a defensive counter attacking game hoping to catch us on the break.

In other news, Abou Diaby joins the long list of injured players and will miss out this weekend. Arshavin, Eduardo and Gallas will not recover in time to feature, so expect to see more of Sol.

Sunderland preview to come tomorrow, ’til then come on you reds!


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