Posted by: 11Gunz | March 3, 2010

50,000 plus messages for Ramsey & some wacky transfer news

As expected, get well soon messages have been pouring in to the Arsenal website in droves. Over 50,000 messages have been received so far. Please go to the website and offer your support to young Ramsey, click HERE.

The media fallout still continues as some cretins are coming out of the woodwork to make a case for England’s future centerback, Ryan Shawcross. I couldn’t do it justice myself, Gunnerblog and Arseblog have eloquently explained it. A lot has been said and i don’t feel the need to add to it. Frankly there are better things concerning the club that need to be addressed.

In wacky transfer news, we’ve been linked with Felipe Melo, remember the same guy who used us to push his value and weekly wages up, so he could sign with Juventus? yeah that Felipe Melo. The same Felipe Melo who was awarded the “Golden Bin” award after being voted the worst player by an Italian radio show. Apparently, Arsene Wenger says of the defensive midfielder;

“We were interested in Melo during the summer. We watched him in Brazil’s international at the Emirates, against Italy [in February 2009], when he had an outstanding game. Then he went to Juventus and that team has struggled and certainly he has not had the season that everyone predicted he would. We still think he is a very talented player and with Gilberto Silva, Brazil have a very useful pair in midfield. We are still looking at Melo.”

Take this with a pinch of salt, i don’t see anything on the arsenal website that supports this rumor so i wouldn’t put too much stock into it.

Injury news has yet to be updated on the website, my guess is you will know more about it when the manager addresses the media on Thursday or Friday before we play Burnley on Saturday.

‘Til Tomorrow!


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