Posted by: 11Gunz | March 5, 2010

10 Reasons Why Arsenal Will Win The League This Year!

Sir Alex Ferguson famously once said, it’s squeaky bum time, and that is exactly where we are headed as the business end of the season approaches. I have always maintained that Arsenal would win the premier league this year, and i even have a $20 bet going with my friend who supports United. The second half performance at Stoke reaffirmed that belief, and if we play like that every game we should be able to win the league with at least 2 games to spare. The players want to do it for Aaron, which is nice but they must also control their emotions and stay focused. Chelsea are involved in the FA cup this weekend, and by the time they take the field again, they could be 3rd. Everyone points to the final 10 fixtures and rightly so, so let’s explore them a little further.

Arsenal vs. Burnley (H) 03/06/2010 – 15:00 GMT
Burnley are 19th on the table, have 23 points from 27 games and have conceded a whopping 55 goals. Brian Flaws’s err Laws’s side, know they will be up against it when they face Arsenal at the Emirates on Saturday, who will no doubt be very emotional and that won’t bode well for the Clarets. Leon Cort is quoted as saying Burnley won’t hold back against Arsenal and intend to be physical. Not surprising considering he was a former teammate of Ryan Shawcross. Colneyblog prediction Arsenal 3-0 Burnley.

Hull City vs. Arsenal (A) 03/13/2010 – 17:30 GMT
Two Words Stephen Hunt, remember him? The last time these two teams faced each other a fracas broke out eventually resulting in a fine for both clubs. It won’t be an easy game as Hull like to be physical, but with a week in between games we should be fully rested and rearing to go. Colneyblog prediction Arsenal 2-0 Hull City.

Arsenal vs. West Ham (H) 03/20/2010 – 17:30 GMT
London derbies are always hard to call and this won’t be any different, plus they are battling relegation. West Ham had been playing well before their loss to United, they will give it their all but expect the quality of the gunners to be the deciding factor in this game.  Colneyblog prediction Arsenal 2-0 West Ham.

Birmingham vs. Arsenal (A) 03/27/2010 – 15:00 GMT
This is the game i had doubts about, well before Ramsey’s injury and the resulting fallout. I suspect the injury, Eduardo and the physicality of the English game will be revisited numerous times in the buildup to this one. But with Wenger calling for his players to be protected, whoever is in charge of this match will no doubt have that in the back of his mind. Expect to see a fairly called game devoid of silly challenges which really plays into our hands. Colneyblog prediction Arsenal 1-0 Birmingham

Arsenal vs. Wolves (H) 04/03/2010 – 15:00 GMT
Another dogfight against a team battling relegation. The relegation picture should have cleared up by the time we face wolves. I believe Wolves, Burnley and Portsmouth will go down. Last time we faced them, it was a 4-1 rout and i expect more of the same since the game should be at the Emirates. Van Persie should also be nearing full fitness and may play a part. Colneyblog prediction Arsenal 4-0 Wolves.

Sp*rs vs. Arsenal (A) 04/10/2010 – 12:45 GMT
I don’t think i need to say much about this game, Sp*rs are who we thought they were – noisy neighbors – After their 3-0 spanking at the emirates I’m sure they will be out for blood. But unfortunately poor old ‘Arry will mismanage again and play right into our hands. Colneyblog prediction Arsenal 3-2 Spuds.

Wigan vs Arsenal (A) 04/18/2010 – 13:30 GMT
Never really know with Wigan if they decide to show up and play or take a mental holiday. When they decide to play they can be really good, they did beat Chelsea you know. Should make for an interesting game but again i believe we win this game with goals from Rvp and Bendtner. Colneyblog prediction Arsenal 2-1 Wigan.

Arsenal vs. €iteh (H) 04/24/2010 – 17:30 GMT
Mark it on your calendar folks, for this is the day The Arsenal wins the league! Ade has been in the press challenging Wenger to a debate on television as to why he was sold in the summer. I expect the banter to continue leading up to this game.  Colneyblog prediction Arsenal 2 – 2 €iteh. Champions of England.

Blackburn vs. Arsenal (A) 05/01/2010 – 15:00 GMT
The league should be won by then, so would be interesting to see how Wenger plays this, Blackburn are a physical side and like to mix it up. With the world cup looming, it could be a mix of experience and youth. This is a toss up but i suspect the lads will want to finish on a high. Colneyblog prediction Arsenal 2-1 Blackburn.

Arsenal vs. Fulham (H) 05/09/2010 – 15:00 GMT
Same as above except Fulham are not thugs but well-disciplined and difficult to break down. We needed a lone Rvp goal when we played them earlier. Expect a mix of youth and experience, the world cup will be on everyone’s mind, players won’t want to risk broken limbs and such. Colneyblog prediction Arsenal 2-0 Fulham.

Well there you have it, the 10 reasons why we will win the league this year. Let me hear your thoughts gooner fans. Burnley preview to come tomorrow.

‘Til then COYG!

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