Posted by: 11Gunz | May 11, 2010

Arsenal Season Review: The Good, The Bad and The Not So Pretty

Lat Sunday’s over a reserve Fulham side, brought a close to the regular season and secured third place for Arsenal. It means we will enjoy champions league football for the thirteenth year running, an amazing feat in itself. It also means we will bypass the qualification process and head straight into the group stages. We will leave that to the likes of Tottenham to see what it actually feels like, to juggle European football and premier league fixtures. The season has been full of ups and downs, a once promising campaign turned to a disappointing one, injuries once again having the final say and ensuring that our quest for silverware would have to wait till next season.

It’s perhaps hard to stomach not winning any silverware this year and finishing 11 points behind Chelsea, but there have been a lot of positives to take away from this campaign. We showed a lot of fight this season, the team simply refused to give up time and time again keeping hope alive by scoring some very late important goals. Who can forget the comeback away at Standard Liege, the late goal away at Fulham, at home to Everton, away at Hull City, and the transformation at Stoke.

Another reckless challenge and a broken leg later, you would have forgiven the lads if they had just settled for a 1-1 tie, but the lessons at Birmingham 2 years ago meant that the collapse was avoided. We showed great character and team spirit to win that game 3-1.

Song, Bendtner, Fabregas and Van Persie have continued their steady progress becoming important members of the team this year. Fabregas has morphed into a goal scoring midfielder, Van Persie before his injury looked destined for a record breaking year, and Bendtner also chipped in with important goals this season. Alex Song felt the wrath of Arsenal fans two years ago when they wanted him gone. Fast forward to this season and Arsenal fans were pondering how the team would cope without the Cameroonian whilst away on African nations duty.

Ivan Gazidis met with members of the arsenal supporters trust yesterday, where he revealed that we no longer have any property debts. Henceforth, any sales from the Highbury Square development would be funneled back into the squad for redevelopment. How much that amount would be, no-one knows exactly. The Arsenal Supporters Trust (AST) estimates that we have about £35m to spend on player transfers and wages. Worth a look if you have time.

The signings of Thomas Vermaelen and Sol Campbell might finally convince the manager we need to shore up on defence.

If one is to praise our mental toughness and knack for late goals, then it is worth mentioning our failure to hold onto leads this season, which has led to some epic collapses this year. The own goal by Abou Diaby at Old Trafford, the debacle at Porto, conceding 2 late goals against West Ham, the collapse at Wigan, Blackburn and Birmingham and our lack of effort against United and Chelsea. The propensity of our goalkeepers to lose concentration and not be able to deal with set pieces was unbearable to watch.  A manager who possesses the technical nous like Arsene does, surely knows we can’t afford to go into next season without strengthening those positions. We shipped in more goals this season than i can remember, not a trait of a championship winning side. Chelsea scored 103 goals and conceded just 32 compared to our 41 goals conceded.


2006-2007 season

2007-2008 season

2008-2009 season

2009-2010 season


68 points 83 points 72 points 75 points

Goals Scored

63 goals

74 goals 68 goals 83 goals

Goals Against

35 against 31 against 37 against 41 against

Goal Difference

+28 +43 +31 +42

League Position

4th 3rd 4th 3rd

We need to shore up our defence if we are to win the league next year.

The number of injuries we’ve suffered this year and particularly the number of impact injuries seems to have risen. Key players have spent a lot of time on the sidelines nursing injuries. Van Persie (ankle), Aaron Ramsey (fibula), Djourou (knee), Fabregas (fibula), Nasri (ankle), Kieran Gibbs (metatarsal), Gallas (calf), Vermaelen (calf), Clichy (back), Denilson (back), Bendtner (groin), Arshavin (calf), Eduardo (broken toe), Walcott (knee). Name a club that can lose key players for the amount of time we lost them and still finish 3rd.

It seems Ivan Gazidis is going to look into why we’ve had so many injuries, rumors are that a new medical team is being put together, hopefully they can put an end to this nightmare.

The season is over, and we now have the world cup to look forward to, I suppose many gooners will put aside club allegiances in support of their various national teams. Enjoy the World Cup and see you for preseason when Arsenal welcome Celtic, AC Milan and Lyon for the emirates cup in august. I will throughout this summer be updating you on transfer rumors and how the arsenal players fare at the World Cup.



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