Posted by: 11Gunz | May 19, 2010


It’s been two days since Cesc Fabregas allegedly asked for a return to his boyhood club. In the days following that supposed meeting, we’ve been inundated with constant stories of Cesc to Barca stories driven by a tabloid press with only one thing to gain, hits and more hits. The most telling fact in all of this, is Arsenal’s refusal to comment on the matter. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know that Cesc is going nowhere, I don’t know what else would. A few months back, Arsene was asked at a press conference what he thought about the prospect of Fabregas returning to Barcelona this summer, to which he replied “Do you think we invest all this time in these players to sell them?”

This whole scenario came about when Cesc was asked by a journalist in spain that should he ever leave Arsenal would he like to play for Barcelona? He replied in the affirmative but added, “I am happy at Arsenal, and in no hurry to leave.” Of course to Laporta and his evil servant Txiki, they’ve interpreted it as the player wanting to leave and return home. After all Cesc is their own, a La Masia product who has the barca DNA, who trained beside the likes of Messi and Pique. All nonsense of course because what these two are not telling you, is there is an election going on this year for the clubs presidency and Laporta cannot run again. Rather than see his rival Rosell get the plaudits for signing Fabregas, he would like to deliver the player before he leaves office.

That is easier said than done of course, knowing that Fabregas is contracted to Arsenal until the 2014 season and Arsene Wenger won’t let him leave without making Barcelona pay through the nose for his team captain and face of the club. So rather than be accused of tapping up the player, they employ newspapers and folks like Guillem Balague to perpetrate silly rumors with the hope of destabilizing the player, and getting the fans to push the player out. The damage would of course be done by the time an offer comes in and Arsenal would have no choice but to sell. That is the hope of course, as far it being reality, you can forget about Fabregas moving to Barcelona this year or the next, not at 24 years old and certainly not at 25 years old either. More like when he turns 28 and that is another four years away.

For once we are in the driver’s seat here, we don’t have to sell and are financially sound so money won’t be an issue. Wenger won’t risk losing the fans by letting his prized asset leave for peanuts and judging by his transfer dealings, if and if only the player has categorically stated he no longer wants to play for the Arsenal, I expect Barcelona to pay over the odds for him. Football has changed a lot and player contracts are no longer what they once used to be, but Fabregas willingly signed till 2014, he wasn’t forced to and by saying he wants to leave will only put him in a position he doesn’t want to be in.  He won’t want to be seen as turning his back on the club and forcing his way out, that’s why it’s intriguing to me that the papers keep reporting of a secret meeting. You see, Joseba Diaz is no longer his agent, from my understanding he is represented by someone who resides in england so there is no truth is the story of his agent flying in to hold talks with Arsene.

I have utter faith in Wenger and I trust he will do the right thing by the club, so far the club has refused to comment and this isn’t unusual. That is the right thing to do anyway, why lend credence to rumors when they aren’t true to begin with. Don’t believe anything you read until you see it up on the official arsenal website, I know in the past they have usually published a direct quote from fabregas immediately after a rumor stating his desire to remain at the club.

Reports from spain suggest that Barcelona are prepared to offer yaya toure plus 30m for Cesc because they see him as a product of their academy. The truth is this, irregardless of whether Cesc played in their youth system or not he is now contracted to Arsenal football club. It’s in their interest to force a deal as soon as possible but it doesn’t mean arsenal have to kowtow to their demands and the longer this goes on the more tenuous their position becomes. That’s why their sporting director is quoted in the press today saying “they would respect the wishes of Arsenal.” I don’t believe we are even interested in Yaya Toure, as a trialist he didn’t seem to tickle Wenger’s fancy so why would that change now. Felipe Melo is the midfielder we are after not Toure.

Make no mistake losing Fabregas would be a blow not only to the club, but to what Arsene Wenger has striven to achieve since the move to the Emirates. It would undermine all the good work he has done keeping the club solvent while at the same time keeping us competitive. It would also send the wrong message to other young players that their futures at the club might not be bright after all. If he does indeed leave, it will be because he wants to not because Arsenal want him gone. The articles are going to come thick and fast, the telegraph just recycled an old story about Peter Hill Woods comments he made about Fabregas two months ago. Another paper claims the club and the player have agreed to terms and he will be signed before the weekend.

The only person capable of ending this furore is the player himself, he could just state that he is interested in staying at Arsenal. But alas football players are like divas, they all want to be wanted, they want to feel important so let Cesc have his day in the sun, come august I expect to see him in the arsenal red and white. I could also have egg on my face should he leave in which case I would wish him the best and hopes he is successful.

‘Til Tomorrow.


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